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Narendra Konkai
Designer & Production Designer

The youngest and enthusiastic member of our team who shows us a different universe with his designs. He makes our projects stand out and brings our words to life through his visuals!

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My Story

Narendra is another gone in the head case (we’ve got one too many of those). He is young and hopeful and is always

over-enthusiastic about working on projects. He thinks he is Ravana with ten heads and takes up 10 projects instead of two. Always hungry to learn and do more, Narendra brings a new depth and outlook to how design can be approached. There is a little world in his head and often he tells us about new ways of looking at designs (getting all the inspiration we can from the parallel universe) and that’s what makes our projects standout.

Disclaimer: Time is a relative concept and isn’t applicable to Narendra, he reacts in nanoseconds (read slow processor, with multiple open tabs.)


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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