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Pradeep Reddy
Chief Editor & Director

A super talented man who has worked on Direction, Photography and Film Editing for more than 500 projects. He is the gangsta of our team!

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My Story

The good gangsta of our gang, Pradeep, is the rowdy who has gone sober (or so he likes to think). It’s a miracle this man got some decent schooling despite the notorious reputation he had. He is the kind of guy who inspires typical action-masala movies.

Small-town boy, farmer’s son with the perfect plot twist of being involved in the Raktha Charitra controversy, Pradeep is quite the cliché hero material, the one that fits the script and not so much the cast. But he is super-talented; how else could he have worked on Direction, Photography and Editing for more than 500 projects till date. He is such a workaholic though! He gives us all complex with his super efficiency.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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