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All about films & art

Bringing to life the magic of cinema with tales told and untold

Pushpak Talkies is inspired by the ancient Pushpaka Vimanas - flying chariots. These gigantic planes were capable of accommodating unlimited number of people. We at Pushpak Talkies have personified the mind as a Pushpaka Vimana; never full, never satisfied. We have an insurmountable urge to bring ideas to life, to create a never before explored movie experience, through an innovation and collaborative approach where there is always space for new ideas.


At Pushpak Talkies, unconventional is the norm. We are all about reinventing the reel of cinema, we love to challenge and revisit the pre-existing notions of storytelling, characterisation, caste, gender and even genre.

Stories are at the heart of everything we do. We are storytellers, the ones whose stories stay with you long after they have been told. We captivate imaginations and kindle curiosities. Wild fairy tales to hard hitting documentaries, our projects are a unique interpretation and reflection of people and the way their minds work.

We celebrate the uniqueness of concepts and the absurdities of imaginations when it is left to flow uninhibited. Through our projects our focus is to simply create new perspectives and not to debate the right and wrong.


Setting the basics right is crucial for our stories to have the right foundation. 

We carefully select the content we create/produce and we work on scripts and stories that we believe in. The core team of Pushpak Talkies is focused on creating artistically- dense projects. 


We steer away from usual formats, formalities, rules and techniques of screenplay/story writing taught and followed by the film schools or  conventional filmmakers. We are keen about bringing raw talent to the forefront and select stories that impact every facet of the culture, views, beliefs and moods.


We love to collaborate with anybody who is passionate about cinema and stories. Everybody has a story to tell and we wouldn’t want to cull the expression of it in any form.

What We Do


We think production is the fun part of the project but this is only possible when we put ample efforts in pre-production stage and set each frame right before moving to sets. 

Every minute matters and that is why our production is planned by the hour. We ensure that each phase/part of the production is completed within stipulated timeline. In production every minute is worth a dime and at Pushpak Talkies we plan to the T and ensure we make optimum use of time in production.

We love to bring plot twists through our frames and that is why we are very particular about what and who we work with. Be it the crew members, the sets, the artists or the costumes, we make sure it's in sync with the flavour of our story.


We understand the finer nuances of telling a story. We take the simplicities and merge it with the complexities to create a visual and sensory experience that is sure to leave the audience with an afterthought. 


We approach Post-production in a new way by keeping a fresh mind, as it should not be mixed with the production content.


We welcome both amateurs and experienced alike, because having no style is our style.

Naga Charan
Managing Director

Meet the Team

IMG_0180 copy 2.jpg
Executive Director
Narendra Konkai
Creative Designer
Mahi Reddy Padugula
Sabu Varghese
Music Director
Pradeep Reddy
Chief Editor

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+91 9121021696

8-3-903/F/11/A12, Nagarjuna Nagar Colony, 

Hyderabad - 500073

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